John jwol at
Sat Nov 25 08:55:13 EST 2006

... I have a few copies with B endpapers with DJ's outside the range of
1948-1950, but, with no list at the end of the book, how can we be sure of
the books' birthdates?

Here is a sample:

G034.1, Philosophy of Nietzsche, G5Bd, 322 titles dating the DJ to 1947
G046.1, Moby Dick, G5Bb, 299 titles dating it to 1944
G010.1, Twelve Famous Plays of the Restoration, G5Bd, 309 titles dating the
DJ to 1946

I engaged in no mixing and matching on these copies, but who can say what
happened in a prior life?



In the ListServ thread  "ML End Paper Trivia Question" dated Fri, 8  
Jul 2005. Barry says "There was a period around 1948-1950 or so when  
Giants had endpapers designed especially for the Giants format."

(See )

The Guide suggests 1945-1963 for this design.

I'm trying to ascertain the correct date range for these decorated  
end papers for a ModernLib article I'm putting together on end  
papers. Does anybody have this design in a giant OUTSIDE of the range  

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