Real dates for type 2 binding?

John jwol at
Wed Nov 22 13:52:19 EST 2006

Hey, Scott, I have several, including, but not limited to the following:

112.1 D'Annunzio-Triumph of Death, 2Bb, appears to be a first from 1923
89.1 Hudson-Green Mansions, 2Bb, highest item listed is 67.1, France's Thai
from 1924
60.2 Davidson-Poems, 2B with a 1924 copyright date, multiple copies
80.1 Turgeniev-Smoke, 2B with highest listed at rear 78.1, Moliere
indicating 1924.

I see none in my inventory with a 2 cover from 1925, though.


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The Toledano Guide lists the dates of use for the type 2 binding on  
pages 28 & 76 as 1919-1925. The characteristic  that distinguishes  
type 2 from type 3  (1923-1925) is the BL logo as opposed to the  
cowled monk logo on the front panel.  Can anyone confirm the  
existence of the BL front panel logo on a book in the late 1923-1925  

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