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Heck, I'm naive, laughable, and trite, so I'll understand your 
comments perfectly well, no matter how repetitive and repetitive and 
redundant they are.

Welcome to the club. -Michael Watson

At 10:17 AM 11/11/2006, you wrote:

>Dear ModLibbers!
>My interest in the Modern Library is sporadic, waxes
>and wanes. I'm a wanna be and never will. It's an
>occasional hobby of collecting. I'll never have the
>best collection. I'll buy what I can afford at the
>time. I'll read the messages if I have the time. I
>don't know art but I know what I like! So my comments
>are apt to be naive, laughable, trite, and repetitive
>(repetitive), but, hey, I'll probably never see most
>of you in person so I won't need to run when I see
>That said, I am going through my collection and
>figuring out how I'd like to catalog it. I think I
>finally found a method to use successfully. As I do
>this, I will post questions and comments. So here's
>one: I see that Up Stream (123.2) was reissued without
>an introduction as the final form corrected to
>correspond with the original text published by Boni
>and Liveright, 1922. Henry Toledano says (in The
>Guide) that it is a revised edition with no
>introduction. This is true. What I found charming is
>that my copy tells me in the table contents that there
>IS an introduction on page vii, but there isn't! They
>didn't bother to change their Table of Contents page.
>Incidentally, nice job on the archives!

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