Up Stream

Madaline Reddy mac-reddy at sbcglobal.net
Sat Nov 11 10:17:56 EST 2006

Dear ModLibbers!

My interest in the Modern Library is sporadic, waxes
and wanes. I'm a wanna be and never will. It's an
occasional hobby of collecting. I'll never have the
best collection. I'll buy what I can afford at the
time. I'll read the messages if I have the time. I
don't know art but I know what I like! So my comments
are apt to be naive, laughable, trite, and repetitive
(repetitive), but, hey, I'll probably never see most
of you in person so I won't need to run when I see

That said, I am going through my collection and
figuring out how I'd like to catalog it. I think I
finally found a method to use successfully. As I do
this, I will post questions and comments. So here's
one: I see that Up Stream (123.2) was reissued without
an introduction as the final form corrected to
correspond with the original text published by Boni
and Liveright, 1922. Henry Toledano says (in The
Guide) that it is a revised edition with no
introduction. This is true. What I found charming is
that my copy tells me in the table contents that there
IS an introduction on page vii, but there isn't! They
didn't bother to change their Table of Contents page.

Incidentally, nice job on the archives!  


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