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Wed May 31 17:02:01 EDT 2006

Two of my three best finds I don't remember, because I didn't know they were 
good until a year or more after the fact.  
1. Madame Bovary Gift Set Edition.  I bought this one before I knew there 
were ML gift sets. But, shortly after Scot started putting DJs on Dogeared, I 
noticed that the Madame Bovary I had was slightly different than his.  In sending 
a scan of mine I learned about the existence of gift sets.  I have no idea 
where I bought it, or for how much.
2. It was only after I subscribed to ML Collector that I realized I had 
bought an unstated first of Red Star over China (303 titles on the inside of the 
fairly good DJ) about a year before, for $8 at a local bookstore, and that it 
was pretty scarce.  Pete Chockoles said in the latest issue that there were only 
three copies he knew about.  This is another.  
3. Earlier this year, I found all three volumes of the Great Renaissance 
Romances from 1929 (baloon cloth) at the same store in DJs that would be VG except 
for badly darkened spines for $10 each.   

John Peterson
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