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> Subject: Great finds
> Date: Wed, 31 May 2006 06:03:33 -0400
> From: "Morris, Terry" <Terry.Morris at PolarisLibrary.com>
> To: <modlib at algol.owu.edu>
> I have been hesitant to share my great finds story's for fear of
> well...competition but here goes. A dealer I have bought a lot of  
> things
> from sent me a free flex copy of the Autobiography of Cellini with the
> gift set dust jacket in beautiful condition. It took a lot of  
> searching
> but in the end cost me $5 online to find the actual gift set book san
> DJ, and I'm now the proud owner of the gift Cellini.
> About a year later I decided to hunt me down another title from the  
> set.
> It took about 4 months but I found a dealer who was selling the  
> Life of
> Michel Angelo (as the statue of David in Buffalo NY says) with the  
> right
> DJ but wrong book - $20 for the DJ - a steal. Oh I took the book too.
> Then a short time later (weeks) I found a dealer with the right  
> binding
> but wrong DJ $10 later I now have two titles from a set. All I need  
> now
> is the Romance of Leonardo Da Vinci for a complete set of the 28 gift
> set. I have nothing from the 29 set.
> On this listserv I have previously spoken of the letter a friend found
> from B Cerf to a certain Charles Abbott. That, of course, was a great
> find and my friend charge me nothing - which makes it even better.=20
> My final great find was from another online dealer who wanted $40 for
> the flex with near fine DJ of Georges' Progress and Poverty but oddly
> enough only $8 for the 1926 edition with a slightly problematic DJ of
> the Art of Aubrey Beardsley.  Go Figure... I bought both....I felt bad
> the dealer seemed to have it so mixed up.
> But there they are my great finds
> Terry

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