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Mon May 29 19:39:44 EDT 2006

I thought I sent a reply to Ron's question to the list, but perhaps I  
sent it direct.  In any case, I embellished the story a bit (had to  
keep it under 500 words on the amenities page) so I'll repost my  
last--apologies in advance if you did indeed get it the first time.   
More important than the bookcase story, though, is my thanks to all  
who helped with the Shakespeare query.

Original message:

Thanks, everyone, for the feedback.  I didn't realize it because I  
bought volumes 1 and 2 (and yes, they're firsts in excellent shape-- 
the bookdealer said a collector had recently sold his lot to them),  
but there is a third volume I'm missing.  (I would've suspected  
something had I come across vol. 1 and 3--at least I hope so).  And  
thanks, Joe, for the advice--I'll call that place up today and see if  
there's another one floating around there--I can't see them having  
sold only the 3rd vol. to someone and not the others.

And thanks, Ron for the info about the run of the title(s).  It still  
seems odd to me that such a big name would merit such scarcity  
(perceived or otherwise).  Even today, if I were given the choice to  
buy a three volume set of Shakespeare or a six volume, I'd opt for  
the former--presumably the latter would be more expensive by  the  
cost of three more books--then, that may be the reason for scrapping  
the three volume set, I guess.

The bookcase, Ron, was a happy accident.  I was standing in front of  
it and my wife pointed it out to me (I will say the logo was obscured  
by piles of books on the floor).  I had been talking to the bookstore  
owner for awhile about the ml series and my collection, and when we  
discovered the bookcase I just asked him if he'd sell it to me.  He  
didn't even realize he had a modern library case--it must've just  
come with the store when he bought it.  He's a kind guy and his  
response was "Well, you've got to have it."  I think he was prepared  
to give it to me, but I pressed some money on him anyway (with my  
graduate school income we're talking "some" money).  Not bad for a  
day's book browsing.

J. Gregory Brister
Department of English
University of Kansas

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