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I somehow missed that bookcase story.  Would someone please re-send it?  I 
once almost bought one on eBay; still wouldn't mind having one.

In case I never told my ML bookcase story to this group, here it is:  There 
was once a legendary bookman in the DC area called Sam Yudkin.  One of his 
various enterprises was the Airport Bookshop at the National Airport.  Sam had a 
ML bookcase in that shop, but did not use it for ML books.

Who should walk in one day but none other than Bennett Cerf.  Cerf, who had 
apparently been indulging in a dram or two, noted the lack of ML books in his 
ML bookcase, and expressed his distress in no uncertain terms.  After more than 
enough of Cerf's opinion, Sam finally agreed to ship the bookcase back to 
Random House--freight collect.  Cerf left, and that was the end of the matter.  
Sam kept the bookcase.

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Great story on that ML bookcase, Greg.  I can't believe the store owner 
parted with it!

I didn't see any of the original inventory left on the shelves in the picture 
on your collector page.  Good thing, or we may have had to edit the image for 
the site!


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