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Mon May 29 12:32:14 EDT 2006

there are currently 75 to 80 ml books for sale on amenities.
one of them is the holy bible w/o slipcase listed at only$40.00.
there must be alot of collectors out there who don`t have
the ml bible (firsr edition) because very few are aware of the
#of illustrarions listed.
my point: there is a good selection of ml books on amenities.
mostly first editions, at extremely low prices, in very good condition.
buying books off amenities would be buying in a freindly
environment, with an assurance of money back guantrees.
my question: why don`t ml collectors use amenities to buy  ml books?
I think that I know, but would like to hear from the people who
are the core of the industry.
anthony pertusi
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