Shakespeare 2 Vol. Question

Ron Holl modlib at
Sun May 28 10:20:17 EDT 2006

Hi Greg,

Unless there is some story behind them, it would seem to just be Henry's perceived value based on scarcity and demand.  It was a short run of '43 - '47.  Are the ones you found with the first DJ?  I occasionally do see these, but never have in a dust jacket and they are usually very worn.

More importantly, how did you manage to acquire that bookcase from the used book store?


> Last night I bought the 2 vol. Shakespeare set (Comedies and  
> Tragedies).  I knew, when I stumbled on them (in great shape with  
> almost perfect dust jackets) that I'd gotten lucky--but it wasn't  
> until I got home and checked the Toledano guide that I realized how  
> lucky I really was--I bought both for eight bucks each.  I thumbed  
> through the Toledano guide and looked at Dogeared, but I haven't  
> found anything that explains why the books are priced as they are.   
> The titles aren't obscure, nor is this a gift set?were these editions  
> just more scarce than the 6 vol. set (as I surmise), or are there  
> other factors?  Any help on this question is greatly appreciated.

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