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When I started collecting ML's I briefly thought about collecting EL's also.  But I soon decided I didn't want to.  The principle reason was that almost every EL I saw had the same propblem that many unjacketed ML Balloon-cloths had - they look worn and ratty and its hard to even read the title on the spine.  Since I do collect ML's I have some worn looking Balloon cloths with hard to read titles so I would have a title that hadn't manage to procure yet; but I just couldn't see starting a collection that would be largely made up books with the same problem.  Consequently I have only a few EL's, - which are unusual: Two of the very nice leather bound volumes; a book that still has its paper book jacket and is still in its original mailing box; a volume with several fold-out maps of the ancient world; and a couple titles I thought were interesting: The Life of Gladstone; and Creasy's Fifteen Decicive Battles. 

"Scot Kamins <kamins at dogeared.com> wrote:
"This really surprises me, actually. While the Everyman DJs aren't 
"nearly as exciting as Ml DJs (at least pre-1980), Everyman had a 
"better selection of titles.

"- Scot Kamins

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