Woodcuts at Amenities

Ron Holl modlib at alltel.net
Mon May 22 11:52:11 EDT 2006

Over a dozen new Woodcut dust jackets (thanks to Barry Miller and the 15 or so from Trevor White) have been added to Amenities.  The only known DJ yet needed is Gide/Immoralist.  However, there are still several on Benj's list that he suspects have woodcut DJ's but have not been seen by him.  So if you have one that is not listed please send it along!  Or if you have a better image than one posted send that as well.  A couple of them I found images of, but they are terrible (like The Wild Palms).

Thanks again to Benj, Darrell, and John Peterson who sent in the initial batches.

Also, the Collector Page at Amenities has broken out the Woodcuts from the Post 1970 category.  If you have categorized the post 70's, you can now split them between the two.  For example, Darrell's 434 Post 1970 titles might become 58 Woodcuts and 376 Other Post 1970 titles.  Obviously, this must be done manually by the collector.

Talking about the woodcuts, I didn't have any so I bought a copy of Huck Finn.  I noticed that it is not the same size as a standard G9, it really isn't a woodcut, and it was not included in the listing of titles inside the DJ.  Comments?


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