Illustrateds Project -- Progress, Needs, and a Question

Mary L. Newton mlnewton at
Sat May 20 20:09:42 EDT 2006

Scot, do you want images of the Gustave Dore'  or the Salvadore Dali Don 
Quixote?  I have an image of the DJ and one inside illus from the Dore' 
illustrated Quixote.

Mary N.
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> Folks,
> Sample images for the majority of illustrated editions -- that is,  all 
> that I have and all that have been sent to me --  are up. You can  see 
> them by clicking the palette icons at 
> Identifiers/illustrated.html (open to all, Dogeared members and 
> nonmembers alike). Thanks to Ron Holl and John Peterson for sending 
> images for a number of titles.
> I still need images for the following five titles:
> Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
> Don Quixote
> Brothers Karamazov (later edition copyright 1945)
> Holy Bible
> Famous Ghost Stories
> There are copies of Quixote on eBay but the images are unsuitable.
> As to the Brothers Karamazov, the Guide says that there was an 
> "illustration change" to the later edition, but I don't know if this 
> means that ALL, SOME, or just ONE of the images changed. Can anyone 
> comment?
> Please contact me in advance before scanning images so I can tell you 
> what I need, and also to avoid duplication of effort (in the unlikely 
> event that more than one person volunteers to send scans for a  particular 
> title).
> Thanks to all in advance!
> Scot Kamins
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