Followup: P-50 Great Russian Stories

Ron Holl modlib at
Wed May 17 10:52:29 EDT 2006


Since there were no positive responses to either question I posted (at the end of the original message), no clues have surfaced to determine which was printed first.  This prompts a few new questions:

- Barry, do you have the number of print runs and quantities for P50?

- How many ML collectors actually collect the P-Numbered paperbacks?

- Do most that do collect them have a P50?


> I recently found a color variation for P-50 (Great Russian Stories).  This variation has a white, rather than yellow, background.  Scot has posted it on Dogeared.  Both my white and yellow copies have a list to P50 (spring 1959).
> What is interesting about this variation is that it is 15 or 20% thicker than the yellow one.  The paper is thicker and a very bright white (number of pages is the same).  An image of the two side by side (spine view) is available at:
> Noted differences:
> - White instead of yellow
> - No diaganol line by the price
> - Thicker paper
> - The first page in the book (not the title page) is different (it does not have the "Modern Library Paperbacks are published by..." text)
> So, which is first?  Probably the white one, but I don't know for sure.
> Questions:
> Does anyone have a white version of P50 to compare?
> Does anyone have a copy of P50 without the list on the back to P50?
> Thanks!
> ron

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