New Plan for Illustrateds Project (was: What constitutes fair use? )

Scot Kamins kamins at
Mon May 15 15:08:43 EDT 2006


Thanks for all the comments and input (both public and private)  
regarding this new project. Here's what I conclude:

1. The images in these books may or may not still be covered by  
2. Research indicates that noncommercial use of a sampling of images  
(as opposed to ALL images) in a book for educational, non-commercial  
purposes is likely permissible under copyright law, depending on who  
the judge is.
3. If the copyright holder objects to the publication of images, s/he  
will likely ask for the images to be taken down before s/he has me  
hauled off to the pillory.
4. We don't need to see all the images in a book to determine if we  
want to add the book to our collections; a representative sampling  
(3-6 images, depending) is enough.
5. People may be more likely to scan and contribute a few images  
rather than dozens.


The illustrateds Project, for the general edification of the public  
in service to the advancement of the hobby of book collecting, seeks  
to show a small but representative sampling of the images from each  
title in the Modern Library Illustrated series.

Five titles have been completed so far, with more to come over the  
next few days. Links are easily accessible on the Dogeared Change Log  
page at:

ML hobbyists who would like to contribute scans to the project should  
contact me to see if the scans for a given title are needed. Scans  
should be full-sized, 72 DPI, JPEG format, with three to five scans  
for each title.

Scot Kamins
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