Random House Green Mansions

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I just bought a vg copy on ebay for $4.  Hopefully it will be vg on receipt.
53 of the illustrated come up on an Abe search.  A RH copy was available on
ebay prior to the ML; based on the info, I 'm glad I held out for the ML.
Toledano doesn't provide info that I can discern re identifying illustrated
firsts.  So my question is, and I apologize if this is obtuse but I'm new to
this, is there a means to do so?  Craig

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> A year after it was published in the Illustrated Modern Library, Green
Mansions was used by the Book-of-the-Month Club  as a 1945 dividend.  The
BOMC edition used the imprint Random House on the title page and a larger
format than the Illustrated Modern Library edition.  BOMC distributed nearly
300,000 copies of its dividends at this period (members received a dividend
for each two volumes purchased), and it printed its own editions using a set
of duplicate plates of the Illustrated ML edition.  They probably didn't
print their 300,000 copies with the same attention to detail that Random
House did with the 13,500 and 14,000 copies that constituted the first two
Illustrated ML printings.  Random House received royalties on copies
distributed by BOMC, and E. McKnight Kauffer got a $1,500 bonus (equivalent
to the $1,500 fee he originally received for doing the illustrations) so it
was a good deal for everyone.
> I'm pretty sure the RH edition is the BOMC dividend.  I don't have a copy,
and it would be interesting to see how the illustrations compare to the
original Illustrated ML edition.  Anyone have a copy for sale?
> Barry
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> >The Random House Green Mansions is not quite the same as the ML edition:
> >front and back covers have different illustrations and the title pages
> >also different: in their layout, plus the ML title page has an
> >while the RH edition does not.
> >I agree with Mr. Hill: The illustrations in the ML are much better, at
> >to me, in terms of color quality and sharpness and because they also use
> >full page.
> >Why is a good question. I'm also trying to figure out why RH went to the
> >trouble and expense of publishing two virtually identical illustrated
> >editions at the same time.  (This happened in several instances, not just
> >Green Mansions.) Would it be because they could charge more for the
> >RH edition?
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> >Of Some Note-On Same Subject-
> >As most of you know, we have a Random House Edition of GREEN MANSIONS
> >is in all ways the same as the Illustrated ML edition.
> >However,what may not be known, is the fact,  illustrations on the ML
> >are far superior to those of the Random House edition...why?
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