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The Random House Green Mansions is not quite the same as the ML edition: The
front and back covers have different illustrations and the title pages are
also different: in their layout, plus the ML title page has an illustration,
while the RH edition does not.
I agree with Mr. Hill: The illustrations in the ML are much better, at least
to me, in terms of color quality and sharpness and because they also use the
full page.
Why is a good question. I'm also trying to figure out why RH went to the
trouble and expense of publishing two virtually identical illustrated
editions at the same time.  (This happened in several instances, not just
Green Mansions.) Would it be because they could charge more for the larger
RH edition?

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Of Some Note-On Same Subject-
As most of you know, we have a Random House Edition of GREEN MANSIONS that
is in all ways the same as the Illustrated ML edition.
However,what may not be known, is the fact,  illustrations on the ML edition
are far superior to those of the Random House edition...why? 



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Based on a suggestion from member Bill DiBenedetto, another joint  
Dogeaered/Amenities project has begun.

The Illustrations Project seeks to gather and display on Dogeaered  
all the illustrations from the Modern Library Illustrated Editions.

Each title will have its own page. All the illustrations from that  
title will appear on the page. Clicking a link at the top of the page  
will produce a slideshow of the images one at a time.

We have a sample page up using the illustrations from Tom Jones. To  
see this:

1. Go to the Dogeared Home Page.
2. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
3. Click the doggie icon below the + sign.
4. After you look at the images on the page, click the Slideshow button.

We'll be making improvements as we go along.

We haven't figured out yet how folks will eventually access the  
images, but two likely spots are from the page with all the  
illustrated edition acetates and boxes, and from the individual  
author pages.

Your comments, suggestions, and encouragement are solicited.

This project is extremely labor-intensive. We need folks to volunteer  
scanning in images. If you'd like to help, please let me know IN  
ADVANCE what title you'll be doing so that we don't have duplication  
of efforts.

- Scot Kamins & Ron Holl
"Speak your truth, even as your voice quakes."

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