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Recently tried to verify whether a copy of Jane Jacobs' 'The Death and Life Of American Cities' (393.1)is a ML first. It contains statement "FIRST MODERN LIBRARY EDITION, September 1969." The Guide indicates the ML first was published in that year and the book has the obligatory T14 binding for a 1969 first.

Applying the Dating Key to the list of books in the rear of the volume, I found that the list did not contain any titles after the Spring, 1965 list (Capote yes, but no Mann Confessions, no Mann Faustus, no Heller, no Faulkner AS I ..., no Faulkner Pylon, no Forster, etc.). In other words, this appears to have been an obsolete list, dating back four years.

Scot Kamins drew my attention to a footnote in the Dating Key added in 2005 on Dogeared saying that all new ML titles, published between 1967 - 1970 with lists of books at the rear, used the Spring, 1967 list. But in this case (393.1) the list apparently goes back two more years.

If, indeed, 393.1 has a 1965 list, as I believe, does this suggest that MLs published during this period may use different, inappropriate lists? And what is the value of the Dating Key for new books appearing during this time??

Comments, please.

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