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Mon May 8 14:05:56 EDT 2006

  How have you found out that it appeared in spring 78?  In the database I've built I haven't been abble to anything more than assign a title to 77-80 begin date or 80-85 begin date.  Even Toledano's guide simply indicates that some titles started in the regular formats (or giants) and carried through to 1985.  I KNOW there are some titles that were in regular or Giant that were not re-introduced into 80's Faux until 83, 84, or 85 because they have new "Modern Library Edition" statements on the title page.  I treat the 80's Faux as a new series in my database and many of them are list  8888-1985 where the "8888" stands for an unknown year.  I am not aware of titles that were in 80's ffaux but dropped prior to 85, so I have simply presumed that all titles "died" concurrently in 1985.
  If have information to the contrary or know more specific starts dates, I would like to know.  I would like the database to be as accurate as possible.

Gordon Neavill <aa3401 at> wrote:
  D.H. Lawrence's Sons and Lovers was published in both formats. It appeared in spring 1978 in a nonpictorial jacket, and in July 1986 in a Stephen Alcorn pictorial jacket and reset title page. This was the final addition to the Modern Library before the "relaunch" of the series that began in fall 1992.


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