Seeking info RE Mod Lib 1977-1980 editions

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D.H. Lawrence's Sons and Lovers was published in both formats.  It appeared in spring 1978 in a nonpictorial jacket, and in July 1986 in a Stephen Alcorn pictorial jacket and reset title page.  This was the final addition to the Modern Library before the "relaunch" of the series that began in fall 1992.


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>   Jay,
>     There are two binding types as indicated in
>   Toledano's price guide.  An interesting thing about
>   them is this: I have not noticed a title that
>   appears in BOTH styles.  The styles ran from
>   1977-1980 and then 1980-1985.  The woodcut jackets
>   were 1980-1985.  I have not seen a title that was
>   available in the 1977-1980 style that also has the
>   woodcut jacket with the changes in the torchebearer
>   logo on the cover of the book and the new
>   endpapers.  If anyone knows of an example of title
>   available in both styles I would like to hear about
>   it.
>   Darrell Johnson
>   JayAsplan at wrote:
>     I am seeking information regarding the Modern
>     Library editions published from 1977 to 1980..
>     Also I am interested in determining the binding
>     types and sizes published in this format during
>     these years.
>     Jay
>     Cincinnati, Ohio
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