Seeking info RE Mod Lib 1977-1980 editions

B.L. Clark cottonwoodbooks at
Wed May 3 16:13:34 EDT 2006

I'll have to check my notes at home, but I think I did find an '80s woodcut (they're actually linocuts if you look at the artist's website.  Guess Random House thought woodcut sounded better) that was probably a discontinued title around '77, then picked up again for the '80s, but it wasn't reflected in the guide.  I'll get back on that.

Ron Holl <modlib at> wrote:
  I imagine almost all do. In this case, I forgot that all those post 1970 titles are listed in the guide (yes, I know, read the title of the book). I checked some woodcuts as a test and sure enough they are all in there.

> Also, I am amazed by the number of questions that are asked on this site that can be answered by the MLPG. Anyone who has any interest in Modern Library should have a copy of the Guide.

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