Moll Flanders in the Modern Library

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Wed Mar 29 16:16:32 EST 2006

Terry and Scott,
  I checked my content database (Modern Library Complete v.2) with 54,300 content records for ML 1917-2006.  The ONLY Abbott that comes up as contributing anything to ML is Thomas K. Abbott who translated philosophical works by Immanuel Kant  which occur in Monroe C. Beardsley's "European Philosophers from Descartes to Nietszche": Giant; 80's Faux; 90's Hardback; and Paperback Classics AND Kant's "The Basic Writings of Kant": Paperback Classics..  There is no other Abbott.
  (Note: I don't own every ML, so not every title is fully processed for content.  But I estimate that the Regular and Giant titles are 85-90% fully processed.  So Charles Abbott may still be a contributor.)
"Morris, Terry" <Terry.Morris at> wrote:

  I do not know if Abbott ever did any introductions
to ML's. Maybe Barry does?


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