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I know very little about Abbott and what I do know was after he was on
the faculty at the University of Colorado. Charles Abbott became the
curator of the Poetry/Rare Book Collection of what was then the private
school - University of Buffalo now the public State University of New
York at Buffalo. 

Abbott also married into a prominent family in the Western New York
area, the Gratwick family. The family - while still around has lost most
of it money as is witnessed by the horrible condition of the estate they
still own. Of the original 11 buildings 4, I believe are still standing.
One is set to be razed at any time. This last building is the one my
friend the book dealer found this letter, along with a few early ML's in
dust jacket.  Unfortunately no Gatsby's.

While Abbott was at the Poetry Rare Book collection James Joyce died and
Abbott ran off to Dublin and bought everything Joyce from the family. On
my first day of working at the Collection, as a library student, I held
in my hot little hands both Joyce and Sylvia Beech's personal copies of
Ulysses. In addition to the nightstick that Joyce used when he went to
the Opera! If you ever find yourself in Buffalo with time to kill please
check out the collection. It's located in the undergraduate library.

Abbott died in the 1970's I think. A book dealer of some ill repute, in
my opinion anyway, bought most of the great stuff but left a lot of good
stuff behind. As far as any rights go I do not believe Abbott owned
anything. I guess that he was a well known and respected academic, much
like our own Barry. I do not know if Abbott ever did any introductions
to ML's. Maybe Barry does?

All of which is far too much information but I could not help but
showoff, if even just a little.


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Terry or Barry,

Do you know why Klopfer needed to write to Charles David Abbott? Did  
Abbott hold the rights to the book?



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> Terry,
> Moll Flanders was published in the ML in 1926 without the long  
> subtitle.
> The title page was reset in 1933 to include the subtitle, which was
> retained on all printings through 1969/70, including the reset 1967
> text.  It was dropped from the reissue published in 1985.
> I haven't seen Donald Klopfer's correspondence with Charles David  
> Abbott
> and would be very interested to learn more about it.
> Thanks!
> Barry Neavill
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>>   Barry,
>>   Are you aware of any variant in the Moll Flanders
>>   first ML and the subsequent editions? Was there a
>>   "subtitle" for lack of a better word? I have reason
>>   to believe that this subtitle was in error.  Also
>>   are you aware of any correspondence between Donald
>>   Klopfer and a Mr. Charles David Abbott of the
>>   University of Colorado? I guess what I am trying to
>>   find out is - is the information I have recently
>>   come across, complete with a letter between Klopfer
>>   and Abbott new information or old hat. I will, of
>>   course be more then happy to share what I have with
>>   you and the rest of the community I just need to be
>>   sure of what I have.

Scot Kamins

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do  
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