Moll Flanders in the Modern Library

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Terry or Barry,

Do you know why Klopfer needed to write to Charles David Abbott? Did  
Abbott hold the rights to the book?



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> Terry,
> Moll Flanders was published in the ML in 1926 without the long  
> subtitle.
> The title page was reset in 1933 to include the subtitle, which was
> retained on all printings through 1969/70, including the reset 1967
> text.  It was dropped from the reissue published in 1985.
> I haven't seen Donald Klopfer's correspondence with Charles David  
> Abbott
> and would be very interested to learn more about it.
> Thanks!
> Barry Neavill
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>>   Barry,
>>   Are you aware of any variant in the Moll Flanders
>>   first ML and the subsequent editions? Was there a
>>   "subtitle" for lack of a better word? I have reason
>>   to believe that this subtitle was in error.  Also
>>   are you aware of any correspondence between Donald
>>   Klopfer and a Mr. Charles David Abbott of the
>>   University of Colorado? I guess what I am trying to
>>   find out is - is the information I have recently
>>   come across, complete with a letter between Klopfer
>>   and Abbott new information or old hat. I will, of
>>   course be more then happy to share what I have with
>>   you and the rest of the community I just need to be
>>   sure of what I have.

Scot Kamins

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