Comment on King Solomon's Mines + Trivia Question

Madaline Reddy mac-reddy at
Tue Mar 14 13:15:02 EST 2006

I love guessing games. I'll take a wild guess. Barry,
you are very illustrious! Is it you?

--- Ron Holl <modlib at> wrote:

> Until I read the intro to She & King Solomon's
> Mines, I did not know King Solomon's Mines was
> considered a young adult book.  In fact, I wondered
> why this book was purchased by a future ML Collector
> as a teenager.  Now I know!
> I just finished the combo and they were great,
> especially King Solomon's Mines.  So I did as
> instructed in the intro and passed the book along to
> my kids.
> TRIVIA QUESTION: So, who is this very well known ML
> Collector who purchased this book along with Dracula
> (on the same day) in the ninth grade?  (These two
> just so happened to start the collection.)
> --> The illustrious collector in question is NOT
> allowed to answer first! <--
> --> Hint: It is not Scot Kamins (and everyone SHOULD
> know his first ML title), and he is not allowed to
> answer first either because he knows the answer.  At
> least I am fairly sure he does.  <--
> ron


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