Comment on King Solomon's Mines + Trivia Question

Ron Holl modlib at
Tue Mar 14 12:39:17 EST 2006

Until I read the intro to She & King Solomon's Mines, I did not know King Solomon's Mines was considered a young adult book.  In fact, I wondered why this book was purchased by a future ML Collector as a teenager.  Now I know!

I just finished the combo and they were great, especially King Solomon's Mines.  So I did as instructed in the intro and passed the book along to my kids.

TRIVIA QUESTION: So, who is this very well known ML Collector who purchased this book along with Dracula (on the same day) in the ninth grade?  (These two just so happened to start the collection.)

--> The illustrious collector in question is NOT allowed to answer first! <--

--> Hint: It is not Scot Kamins (and everyone SHOULD know his first ML title), and he is not allowed to answer first either because he knows the answer.  At least I am fairly sure he does.  <--


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