Return of the Native

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No question that Carroll & Fitzgerald collectors have more money then we poor ML collectors.....but then, we have far more books to collect then they do.



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   The Illustrated Alice in Wonderland is the other title that has sold
for more than $1,000, not only on ebay but also at book fairs and in
private sales.  It's worth noting that a  first edition, 225 title, Gatsby
has gone over $1,000 on at least 4 occasions.  Other titles (excluding B&L
editions) that have sold in excess of $500 are the illustrated Bible and
The Maltese Falcon. Some signed MLs have also gone that high, but buyers
are usually collectors of the particular author rather than of MLs.  To
determine a reliable price, one should be looking at at least a half dozen
sales of the same title.  Of course, condition is always a huge factor and
can double or triple the price.

 On Fri, 10 Mar 2006 DCHOCK7 at wrote:

> The highest price paid for a Modern Library remains $1,201 for a  Gatsby in 
> the first issue, 225-title DJ. I believe it was the second or third  finest 
> known. It sold to a Fitzgerald collector a few years ago, rather than  someone 
> interested in ML. I don't believe any other ML sold for more than a  thousand, 
> although a nice Hemingway first came close. There have been a number  of MLs 
> that made in excess of $400 on ebay, but many of these were pre-1930s  issues or 
> Gatsbys or the Illustrated Dali. As far as I know, the $475  this Hardy flex 
> in the art deco DJ fetched was a record for a non-first  from the flexie era. 
> If someone has additional information, please let me  know.
> Pete
> DOH!  My apologies all around.  I was certain Anthony  did it.  So, Pete, do 
> you have any figures for us?
> blc
> Scot Kamins <kamins at>  wrote:
> On  Mar 10, 2006, at 5:31 PM, B.L. Clark wrote:
> > Doesn't Anthony P.  do the auction watch column for the Modern 
> > Library Collector? I'm  at work and can't check for sure if it is 
> > Mr. P. (or how to spell  his last name, which I think rhymes with 
> > Watusi).
> >
> I  don't think so. Pete Chocheles does a price watch column for  them.
> - Scot  kamins
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