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Fri Mar 10 22:56:16 EST 2006

The highest price paid for a Modern Library remains $1,201 for a  Gatsby in 
the first issue, 225-title DJ. I believe it was the second or third  finest 
known. It sold to a Fitzgerald collector a few years ago, rather than  someone 
interested in ML. I don't believe any other ML sold for more than a  thousand, 
although a nice Hemingway first came close. There have been a number  of MLs 
that made in excess of $400 on ebay, but many of these were pre-1930s  issues or 
Gatsbys or the Illustrated Dali. As far as I know, the $475  this Hardy flex 
in the art deco DJ fetched was a record for a non-first  from the flexie era. 
If someone has additional information, please let me  know.

DOH!  My apologies all around.  I was certain Anthony  did it.  So, Pete, do 
you have any figures for us?

Scot Kamins <kamins at>  wrote:

On  Mar 10, 2006, at 5:31 PM, B.L. Clark wrote:

> Doesn't Anthony P.  do the auction watch column for the Modern 
> Library Collector? I'm  at work and can't check for sure if it is 
> Mr. P. (or how to spell  his last name, which I think rhymes with 
> Watusi).
I  don't think so. Pete Chocheles does a price watch column for  them.

- Scot  kamins

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