Return of the Native

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Fri Mar 10 20:31:59 EST 2006

Doesn't Anthony P. do the auction watch column for the Modern Library Collector?  I'm at work and can't check for sure if it is Mr. P. (or how to spell his last name, which I think rhymes with Watusi).
  benj clark

Bill DiBenedetto <billdi at> wrote:
  >The sale of one copy ordinarily doesn't define a market, But very 
scarce items don't have anything to do with aggregate numbers. They 
are worlds in themselves.

I'd rather have that title in that DJ in my collection more than I'd 
want a Gatsby.

This discussion got me wondering whether anyone has kept track of the high
bids and/or current market pricing for the very scarce ML titles.
Also is that bid for the Return of the Native a record?

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