Return of the Native

Mark Braley mark.lscv at
Fri Mar 10 06:31:30 EST 2006

A nice 1930's copy of Return of the Native with the really cool graphic DJ (I think it is usually referred to as art deco, but it reminds me more of constructivism) just sold on e-bay for $474.00.  I was flabbergasted.  But, it seems like non-firsts from the 30's are all going for way more than the guide on e-bay.  I am finding more and more that the great deals that one used to find on e-bay are more apt to be found now browsing on-line bookstores.  I guess my question is for Henry.  Henry: have you considered issuing a revised price list (not the entire guide, just a reworking of the dollars corresponding to the price letters in the guide) in light of what we see happening on e-bay? I realize that e-bay reflects the urgency of an auction and the instilled fear that this may be one's last chance to find a particular item after months of fruitless browsing through bookstores, and so may not be considered by book dealers as reflective of the real world.  On the other hand, hasn't e-bay turned the entire world into an auction? Mark
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