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Mon Mar 6 08:48:56 EST 2006

I wish one of the two websites would do a gallery of the woodcut covers on 
the early 80's ML editions.  I have about a dozen of these (mostly picked up in 
outlet mall bookstores in the 90's)  While the books themselves are several 
steps downward in quality from the earlier series, I like these.  The woodcuts 
on the ones I have are all done, with one exception, by Stephen Alcorn.  
The exception is a 1982 Giant edition of Moby Dick.This dj is quite 
different, featuring a design "adapted from Rockwell Kent's original design," printed 
in blue and black ink.  It's designed on all three sides of the DJ.

Anybody know anything re: Stephen Alcorn?  Are there other artists in this 
vintage?  Anyone share my interest in these woodcuts?

John Peterson
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