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B.L. Clark cottonwoodbooks at
Wed Jun 28 12:01:15 EDT 2006

This is a fantastic new resource I know I'll be using!  Is there any way we could get a "comments" section with the listings.  It would be nice to know if the store has a lot of ML mixed into regular inventory, or a seperate section for ML, or if really nice old stuff is set aside in a special section, if they do trade credit, if you need special directions for finding the place, etc. Thanks!
  benj clark

Ron Holl <modlib at> wrote:
  The 'Recommended Bookstores with ML stock' feature is now available at ML Amenities. To check for stores in a given location, or better yet (for now) to ADD one, go to and proceed to the ML Miscellany section. Follow the Recommended Bookstores link from there.

Please let me know if anyone finds problems.


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