Bookstores - Kansas City and Lawrence

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Tue Jun 27 15:02:28 EDT 2006

Thanks.  I didn't have time to go by Lasus but I did make it to Spivey's.  I 
only found one ML that I was looking for - A Short History of the US - but I 
did find a few other books.  Bloomsday was a disappointment.  They're fairly 
small and run mostly to modern fiction.

In Lawrence the Dusty Bookshelf was like Bloomsday just bigger.  Vagabond 
however was interesting.  I didn't find any Modern Library but I did find a 
2nd printing of Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test in Fine condition.  This is a 
book I've been looking for for a long time.  Since I can'd afford the fisrt 
this was an excellent alternative.  Given time I'm sure there was more in 
there just waiting to be found.

Thanks again for your help.

Tom Krier

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>I haven't been to Spivey's in a while, but last time I was there they
>had probably the best ML selection in the city.  Others in the area:
>Bloomsday Books - on 55th St.  Used to be the best in the city, then
>they moved and severely downsized the square footage of the store.  Now
>they're back near their original locale, though I haven't been back yet,
>so I don't know if they are back near their old capacity or not.
>Lasus Books - not much ML, mainly Sci-Fi and
>Half-Price Books - three locations, one in Westport near Spivey's.  Yes,
>it's a chain, but they usually have a good ML selection.  Other
>locations are 92nd & Metcalf and 119th & I-35 in Olathe.
>Lawrence:  Dusty Bookshelf at 708 Massachusetts.  Heavy in modern
>fiction, may not find any MLs, but a fine bookstore nonetheless.
>Vagabond Bookman, 1113 Massachusetts.  Large inventory, barely
>categorized, lots of other "collectible" stuff.  You could spend a lot
>of time in there browsing around - might be good ML finds.  Seems like I
>bought a couple there.
>Good luck!
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>I will be traveling through Kansas City and Lawrence in the next few
>I was hoping someone might have information on stores in the Kansas City
>area as well as Lawrence.  I'm familiar with Spivey's but other then
>that I'm not sure what's there.
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