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Thu Jun 15 22:43:36 EDT 2006

On Jun 15, 2006, at 7:08 PM, John wrote:

> Not quite.  I printed your summary of unstated firsts as a handy  
> take along
> one page reference when book hunting.  Some firsts have other pointers
> besides lacking the First Statement.  For example, on your update  
> list I
> noted several pointers listed which are explained at "I" icon  
> located near
> the dust jacket picture.  For example, O'Hara 49 Stories has no  
> number per
> Toledano, but the recent addition to your site I noted is:
> "O'Hara's 49 Stories was published in fall 1963. The list of ML  
> Giants at
> the end of the volume includes O'Hara, 49 Stories but not (under
> "Miscellaneous") Great Classical Myths. The list of titles inside  
> the jacket
> includes Ellison, Invisible Man, but not Malamud, Two Novels."
> Could these nuggets be incorporated into your Stalking the Unmarked  
> First
> page for a handy one place reference?


Hmmm. I suppose you mean full text info, not a link to other info.  
Let's see...I'd have to redesign the page with a "comments" field...

Good idea. OK. It's on the list.

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