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Not quite.  I printed your summary of unstated firsts as a handy take along
one page reference when book hunting.  Some firsts have other pointers
besides lacking the First Statement.  For example, on your update list I
noted several pointers listed which are explained at "I" icon located near
the dust jacket picture.  For example, O'Hara 49 Stories has no number per
Toledano, but the recent addition to your site I noted is:

"O'Hara's 49 Stories was published in fall 1963. The list of ML Giants at
the end of the volume includes O'Hara, 49 Stories but not (under
"Miscellaneous") Great Classical Myths. The list of titles inside the jacket
includes Ellison, Invisible Man, but not Malamud, Two Novels."

Could these nuggets be incorporated into your Stalking the Unmarked First
page for a handy one place reference?


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On Jun 15, 2006, at 4:26 PM, John wrote:

> Scott, some time back you invited suggestions for new Dogeared  
> projects.  On
> the update page I noted several 1st edition pointers and recalled your
> earlier summary titles Stalking the Unmarked First.  Can you  
> incorporate
> these nifty little pointers into your summary?

Not sure I understand what you're asking for, John. Is it this:

On the Updates page, I announce when a new DJ is up, and if it's a  
first DJ, I note that. Sometimes the DJ might be a "hidden  
first" (that is, the points are not easily recognizable because the  
book has no "first edition" slug, or the slug might lie and some  
other 1st edition point must also be there). It would be good if, in  
such a case, I were to note on the Updates page that this is a first  
DJ on a hidden first book, and include a link to the Hidden First  
page (which, by the way, happens to be -- for the nonce -- http:// )

Do I have it right?
- Scot Kamins

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