Dogeared's web address changing soon - but to what???

Scot Kamins kamins at
Thu Jun 15 14:12:29 EDT 2006

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Dogeared will soon be something-other-than-Dogeared. Somebody made me  
an offer for the Dogeared name(JUST the name) that I couldn't refuse.

What this means is that, starting in about a month, instead of  
reaching your favorite website by typing ""  
into your browser's address field, you'll need to type some other  

NOTHING ELSE WILL BE EFFECTED!  All the material that's on Dogeared  
will be at the new address, and additions and upgrades will continue  
to be made just as they are now.  SAME WEBSITE - NEW ADDRESS & NAME!

But what should the new name be? We need to find one that's easy to  
remember and reflects what we're about. And of course it must one  
that isn't taken!  The one I really wanted -- torchbearer (as in -- is already taken.

Among the ones I thought of and that are available are these two:

ModLibBooks  =
ModLibFan =

What do people think?

If you don't like either of these, suggest another one!

We need to do this quickly; as they say in business, Time is of the  

Scot Kamins
Character is what you do when nobody's watching.

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