Bookstores - Kansas City and Lawrence

Darrell Johnson zebradlj at
Wed Jun 14 11:36:02 EDT 2006

There are three Half-Priced Bookstores (a nearly national change now) in the Kansas City area (all on the Kansas side).  Every Half-Priced Bookstore that I've been in always has had some ML (and I've been in many of them).   Pricing is inconsistant though.  I picked up a jacketed balloon cloth from one for $4 which is probably worth $20, and just the other day I saw a late 60's era hardback worth about $6-$8 priced at $40 (my guess is they thought it was a First First when it was only an ML first.    I picked up ten jacketed hardbacks about a year ago from one of the Kansas City stores ( a nice haul from one store after collecting for 15 years! - very unusual.)

thomas krier <t_krier at> wrote:
I will be traveling through Kansas City and Lawrence in the next few weeks. 
I was hoping someone might have information on stores in the Kansas City 
area as well as Lawrence. I'm familiar with Spivey's but other then that 
I'm not sure what's there.


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