Federalist 139.4 - Special Printing

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I think this was late 1940s but have no way of dating it precisely.  The jacket is adapted from the ML jacket but isn't a ML jacket and has no list of titles.  The Declaration of Independence was added in fall 1947 but isn't listed in the table of contents.

This isn't a ML title but was printed from ML plates in the same way that most ML titles by modern authors were printed from the original publisher's plates.


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>Subject: Federalist 139.4 - Special Printing  
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>   I'm curious about the date of the special printing
>   of the Federalist done for the "National Foundation
>   for Education in American Citizenship."  (Issue #39
>   of the ML Collector says "it appears to date from
>   the '40's)  The copy I have doesn't have a DJ, and
>   it has no catalogue in the back of the book.  The
>   lack of a catalogue and the fact that it does
>   contain the Declaration of Independence on p. 619
>   suggest that it is a variant of 139.4
>   (1946-70).  However, because the Declaration is not
>   listed in the Table of Contents makes me wonder if
>   it was issued right around the transition from 139.3
>   - 139.4.
>   Does anyone have a copy of this special printing
>   WITH a DJ?  If so, does the DJ have titles on back? 
>   If yes, could you let me know the date?  Also, if
>   your special printing has the Declaration of
>   Independence, is it listed in the TOC?
>   John Peterson
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