Federalist 139.4 - Special Printing

JPetersonlhi at aol.com JPetersonlhi at aol.com
Sun Jun 11 21:13:39 EDT 2006

I'm curious about the date of the special printing of the Federalist done for 
the "National Foundation for Education in American Citizenship."  (Issue #39 
of the ML Collector says "it appears to date from the '40's)  The copy I have 
doesn't have a DJ, and it has no catalogue in the back of the book.  The lack 
of a catalogue and the fact that it does contain the Declaration of 
Independence on p. 619 suggest that it is a variant of 139.4 (1946-70).  However, 
because the Declaration is not listed in the Table of Contents makes me wonder if it 
was issued right around the transition from 139.3 - 139.4.

Does anyone have a copy of this special printing WITH a DJ?  If so, does the 
DJ have titles on back?  If yes, could you let me know the date?  Also, if 
your special printing has the Declaration of Independence, is it listed in the 

John Peterson
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