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Fri Jun 9 07:51:01 EDT 2006

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> Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2006 08:44:55 -0400
> Subject: Bookhunting (was Ebay bidding)
> From: Toby G Levy <tobylevy at juno.com>
> Mike, I couldn't agree with you more! I am more apt to forget people's
> names than foget the incidences of buying certain books.  I just  
> started
> reading the ML published in 1929 "The Anthology of American Negro
> Literature."  I bought this book many years ago in a bookstore that I
> stumbled onto on a side street in Cooperstown NY.  It's not there
> anymore.  It was a converted car garage.  There were only a few MLs in
> the shop and I remember thinking the book was pretty beat up, but I  
> had
> never seen a copy of it before.  I don't recall seeing it since in
> bookstores.
> Incidently, the book was edited by V.F. Calverton who did several  
> other
> anthologies for the Modern Library.  He was a marxist writer and  
> radical
> who lived from 1900 to 1940.  Anyone happen to know how he died at  
> such a
> young age?
> Toby

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