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Robert Sanger rsanger at sangerswysen.com
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People ought to join Dogeared simply to show support for Scott Kamins
and the group of people who have spent an incredible amount of time
putting together and maintaining a wonderful informational website.
Don't look at it as membership, look at it as a contribution for a job
well done.

Of course, if you do actually exercise your membership rights, there
really is a wealth of material there -- even if it is a bit depressing
to know you have over 800 volumes in your collection and you are only a
tenth of the way there with all the combinations and permutations of
bindings, DJ's and endpapers!

Thank you Scott and everyone who has taken the time and made the
incredible effort to keep Dogeared going.

Best regards to all,

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This is a topic directed toward non-Dogeared members, but responses from
members are welcome also.

I'm interested in hearing why a significant percentage of ListServ
members are not Dogeared members.  It would seem, like everything else,
there is a cost/benefit component to it.  But maybe that is not the main
reason.  Possibly some are just not interested, or there may be a myriad
of reasons.

Are there any features/functions that could be added to Dogeared to
attract more members?  Does it seem to costly?

If you have some reasons you would like to share, please send them
along.  Any and all comments will be appreciated!

If anyone wishes to have their comments not shared with the ListServ,
you can send them directly to me (in that case don't forget to change
the 'to' field when hitting reply to this, or just compose a new



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