Dogeared Survey Question

Mary L. Newton mlnewton at
Thu Jun 1 20:18:26 EDT 2006

I am interested in ML, but as a (very small) seller of a wide range of 
books.  I sell on eBay and on  This year I have had 4 ML titles, 
with DJs, and all have sold on the first listing.  I joined this group to 
try to learn more about ML in case I am able to acquire more, but my sources 
are very sporadic and I don't wish to pay to join Dogeared when my volume is 
so small.  That said, I have still learned quite a bit from the list; I 
appreciate the wilingness to share information, and I enjoy reading the 

Best regards,
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Subject: Dogeared Survey Question

> This is a topic directed toward non-Dogeared members, but responses from 
> members are welcome also.
> I'm interested in hearing why a significant percentage of ListServ members 
> are not Dogeared members.  It would seem, like everything else, there is a 
> cost/benefit component to it.  But maybe that is not the main reason. 
> Possibly some are just not interested, or there may be a myriad of 
> reasons.
> Are there any features/functions that could be added to Dogeared to 
> attract more members?  Does it seem to costly?
> If you have some reasons you would like to share, please send them along. 
> Any and all comments will be appreciated!
> If anyone wishes to have their comments not shared with the ListServ, you 
> can send them directly to me (in that case don't forget to change the 'to' 
> field when hitting reply to this, or just compose a new message).
> Thanks.
> ron

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