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Well, that's what collecting the series is all about, as you state, if you relay on "chance" you will always have major holes in your collection, unless of course you be blessed with a very long life. It does not follow because Grim & Anderson came to you,Little Women is just around the corner.
Trying to put it another way; years ago I paid $40.00 for aVG/VG B&L  First  of The Way Of All Flesh, today I look upon it as a great find. Also, experience is a great teacher  In th dark ages, every second store on Hollywood Blvd. was a bookstore, selling ML's w/dj @ $3.00 each. One store was asking $10 for a VG/VG first of Razanov, I thought that they were out of their minds.....I bought that book some years latter for some dollars more.


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> As I was updating my ml list today, it occurred to me that some of
> the titles in my collection (like the Gogol giant and the tales of
> Grimm and Anderson) which are supposed to be rare finds were among
> some of the easiest (or guiltiest?): ones I'd bought at some store or
> other and only realized after consulting the price guide that they
> were worth far more than I'd paid.  After reading all the posts on
> this list for the past few years, I know we all have similar
> stories.  What I haven't heard, though, are any stories about the
> seemingly ubiquitous title that "everyone" seems to have that _you_
> couldn't get in any good condition (I mean with jackets here, of
> course).
> Since I rarely--if ever--buy ml books from eBay, most of my
> collection has come to me by chance.  Here are some of the thorns in
> my side:
> Proust.  I have only three volumes of Remembrance of Things Past,
> none in that great shape.
> The Greek Tragedies.  I have just  three volumes in first editions--
> anytime I've ever come across the volumes I need, they are usually
> farther down the food chain.
> Dreiser.  Sister Carrie.  I've seen it many, many times: always in
> crap condition.
> Faulkner.  Wild Palms.  (We're talking a grocery bag cover, folks,
> not a BL--but I've never seen one on a seller's shelf).
> Lewis.  Babbitt.
> A title I do (finally) have, but took me about four years to get, was
> The Short Bible with a good dust jacket.  I can hear the collective
> chuckles already . . .
> Mind, I'm not soliciting for help buying these titles--I'll come
> across them when they come across me--but I am curious to hear if
> anyone has had a harder time buying  a "relief" title ("I finally got
> that damn book!") than one of much greater market value.
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