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> As I was updating my ml list today, it occurred to me that some of
> the titles in my collection (like the Gogol giant and the tales of
> Grimm and Anderson) which are supposed to be rare finds were among
> some of the easiest (or guiltiest?): ones I'd bought at some store or
> other and only realized after consulting the price guide that they
> were worth far more than I'd paid.  After reading all the posts on
> this list for the past few years, I know we all have similar
> stories.  What I haven't heard, though, are any stories about the
> seemingly ubiquitous title that "everyone" seems to have that _you_
> couldn't get in any good condition (I mean with jackets here, of
> course).
> Since I rarely--if ever--buy ml books from eBay, most of my
> collection has come to me by chance.  Here are some of the thorns in
> my side:
> Proust.  I have only three volumes of Remembrance of Things Past,
> none in that great shape.
> The Greek Tragedies.  I have just  three volumes in first editions--
> anytime I've ever come across the volumes I need, they are usually
> farther down the food chain.
> Dreiser.  Sister Carrie.  I've seen it many, many times: always in
> crap condition.
> Faulkner.  Wild Palms.  (We're talking a grocery bag cover, folks,
> not a BL--but I've never seen one on a seller's shelf).
> Lewis.  Babbitt.
> A title I do (finally) have, but took me about four years to get, was
> The Short Bible with a good dust jacket.  I can hear the collective
> chuckles already . . .
> Mind, I'm not soliciting for help buying these titles--I'll come
> across them when they come across me--but I am curious to hear if
> anyone has had a harder time buying  a "relief" title ("I finally got
> that damn book!") than one of much greater market value.
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