ML History Clean Up

Scot Kamins kamins at
Wed Jul 26 12:42:45 EDT 2006

On Jul 26, 2006, at 7:57 AM, Ron Holl wrote:

> I believe we should, as a service to the new collector, edit our ML  
> history text (where possible) to avoid this confusion that the ML  
> was discontinued/ceased printing/etc.  I was first clued in over a  
> year ago by Amy C.  She had a listing posted for Roth/Goodbye  
> Columbus and indicated an early 70's printing.  I asked her how can  
> that be, if the ML shut down in 1970.  She kindly responded with  
> the ISBN clue.  Then sometime later John W. posted a catalog from  
> the mid 70's showing many ML's for sale.  Surely those weren't all  
> remainders!  And now finding all these DJ's with ISBN's printed  
> shows the presses were clearly still rolling.
When time allows, I'll go through the dog- er, modernlib articles and  
correct the dates.

It will be a bit difficult; I guess the way to say it is that the  
last new title in the classic series was issued in 1970 with printing  
continuing through 1974. Yes?

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