ISBN's and the Guide

Ron Holl modlib at
Wed Jul 26 10:45:16 EDT 2006

At most, these discoveries will result in a new indication for the existing title within the Guide.  For example, the 101.1 would get an indicator for a non-first in addition to the first.  But as Barry points out we don't necessarily know there was an additional printing, and it really is the DJ that makes it a first or not first, in the absense of some indication in the book/binding or RH records.  (Has anyone verified that the first indication is present in the book along with the ISBN labeled DJ?)

Although these second printing DJ's point to a possible additional printing, in my opinion something like the Ouida first printing pages in a different binding is a more significant variant.

My proposal: We track all titles that only have first edition indicators.  When a DJ variation is found that suggests one or more later printings may have occurred, we add an indicator for the non-first column.  The comment column gets a note indicating that the first is only identifiable by the DJ.

This would include Bemelmans/My War with the US, Thurber/Carnival, etc. in addition to these ISBN finds.  And in no case should the "first no dj" indicator be higher than (or even equal to) the "non first with dj" indicator.


> On Jul 26, 2006, at 4:23 AM, JOSEPH HILL wrote:
> > Well, what are you going to call it now, 101.2?  If that be the  
> > case, I am now lacking one more variant in my collection, and I  
> > don't fancy finding a copy. A late Gibbon set I can live without  
> > but this be a different matter.
> What? A new variation for an ISBN number???  I don't THINK so.   :-D

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