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Assuming that the ISBN appears on the back panel of the jacket it means for sure that there were two printings of the jacket.  It doesn't necessarily mean there were two printings of the book.  

The first printing was probably 5,000 copies.  Prior to publication, Random House calculated that it would have to sell two Giant printings of 5,000 copies each and two printings (8,500 and 5,000 copies) of a 2-volume Vintage paperback edition to recover the plant costs (typsetting, dies for the binding, jacket design, etc.)  I've never seen any evidence of a Vintage paperback edition, but the jacket with the ISBN suggests there may have been a second printing of the Giant.  If so, I wouldn't be surprised to see remainder marks stamped on some of the copies of the second printing.


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>>my copy of 101.1 English Romantic Poets DOES have an ISBN
>>number, blank endpapers, $4.95 price.  Does this mean there
>>were two printings of this tough-to-find Giant? 
>My copy of 101.1 does not have an ISBN number. It is a stated FMLE, February
>1970; $4.95 price; blank endpapers.
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