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As the 2nd Auden, looks as if it is a rare bird.I wish to compare my copy with yours.
ml logo on DJ, #14 spine with blank endpapers,ISBN on verso & DJ.
To me it's not the ISBN numbers but, some of the great pictorial DJ's that show up at this period in the series. AND some of these pictorial  DJ's must be few in number.


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My copy of the 2nd edition of Auden's Selected Poetry has an ISBN on the back panel of the jacket (lower right) and also on the verso of the title page.  I've never been able to confirm the publication date and give it in my bibliography as 1971/72.  The latest copyright date is given as 1970. 

Auden was writing RH about the contents at the end of April 1971 (he wanted the author's note in the 1st edition deleted from the 2nd).  Jason Epstein at RH wrote him that it would appear as a Vintage paperback in September 1971 and by early 1972 in the ML .  The Library of Congress catalogs the 
Vintage edition as having been published in 1971 with the date in square brackets, which means it doesn't appear on  the book.  LC doesn't appear to have cataloged the ML reprint.

ISBNs were in widespread use by the 1970s, but I don't know precisely when Random House adopted them.  If anyone has the Vintage edition of the 2nd ed. of Auden's Selected Poetry it would be interesting to see if it includes an ISBN.


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> On Jul 23, 2006, at 1:22 PM, John wrote:
>> At a glance, I have the following with ISBN's:
>> 76 Education of Henry Adams, blank endpapers
>> 73 Famous Ghost Stores, two copies with the same markers as the Trial
>> mentioned earlier
>> 68 Women in Love, Lawrence w/blank endpapers
>> 50 Chekhov's Short Stories w/blank
>> 28 Madame Bovary w Fuhita
>> 15 Painted Bird w/blank endpapers.
>> And a half dozen more on another shelf!  Later, maybe.
>> Is it possible a first ML printing from 1970 could have an ISBN?
> There were only 5 new ML titles in 1970, so I pulled out my copies
> to check for ISBNs:
> Styron: Confessions of Nat Turner (FMLED Feb 1970): two copies,
> no ISBNs on either DJ.
> Vidal: Julian (FMLED Feb 1970): no ISBN on DJ back.
> Camus: Notebooks 1942-1951 (FMLED Sept 1970): two copies, no ISBNs
> on either DJ.
> Kosinski: Painted Bird (FMLED Sept 1970): no ISBN on DJ back.
> I don't have the Auden 2nd ed to check.
> Short of knowing if the Auden 1st DJ has a ISBN, it seems as if no
> true FMLED DJ will have an ISBN number, and any DJ with an ISBN
> indicates a subsequent, post 1970 printing.
> Interesting that John W. has a Kosinski with an ISBN - that indicates
> a second printing of that title.
> One comment on ISBNs: in a quick internet search, I have seen both
> 1970 and 1972 indicated as the first time the standard was used in
> the US.  Individual publishers probably adopted it at different
> times.  I have no idea when Random House did.
> On Jul 23, 2006, at 1:16 PM, Scot Kamins wrote:
>> I suspect there are tons of them - perhaps all the ones (186  titles) 
>> listed in 1974-1975:
> Some of these may be left-over pre-1970 printings.
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