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Mon Jul 24 10:12:40 EDT 2006

On Jul 23, 2006, at 1:22 PM, John wrote:

> At a glance, I have the following with ISBN's:
> 76 Education of Henry Adams, blank endpapers
> 73 Famous Ghost Stores, two copies with the same markers as the Trial
> mentioned earlier
> 68 Women in Love, Lawrence w/blank endpapers
> 50 Chekhov's Short Stories w/blank
> 28 Madame Bovary w Fuhita
> 15 Painted Bird w/blank endpapers.
> And a half dozen more on another shelf!  Later, maybe.
> Is it possible a first ML printing from 1970 could have an ISBN?

There were only 5 new ML titles in 1970, so I pulled out my copies
to check for ISBNs:

Styron: Confessions of Nat Turner (FMLED Feb 1970): two copies,
	no ISBNs on either DJ.
Vidal: Julian (FMLED Feb 1970): no ISBN on DJ back.
Camus: Notebooks 1942-1951 (FMLED Sept 1970): two copies, no ISBNs
	on either DJ.
Kosinski: Painted Bird (FMLED Sept 1970): no ISBN on DJ back.

I don't have the Auden 2nd ed to check.

Short of knowing if the Auden 1st DJ has a ISBN, it seems as if no
true FMLED DJ will have an ISBN number, and any DJ with an ISBN
indicates a subsequent, post 1970 printing.

Interesting that John W. has a Kosinski with an ISBN - that indicates
a second printing of that title.

One comment on ISBNs: in a quick internet search, I have seen both
1970 and 1972 indicated as the first time the standard was used in
the US.  Individual publishers probably adopted it at different
times.  I have no idea when Random House did.

On Jul 23, 2006, at 1:16 PM, Scot Kamins wrote:

> I suspect there are tons of them - perhaps all the ones (186  
> titles)  listed in 1974-1975:

Some of these may be left-over pre-1970 printings.

John K.

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