Minor Marx variant

John jwol at fast.net
Sun Jul 23 13:05:09 EDT 2006

Start with Kafka's The Trial, #388.  I have two copies with ISBN's.  Both
have $2.95 prices.  The first has Fuhita endpapers and a dark green color.
The other is a much thicker book with blank endpapers and a very light tan
cover.  394-60388-5 on each book.

I also have a copy of Gide's The Counterfeiters at $2.95 with blank
endpapers.  394-60327-3

And Dinesen's Out of Africa, #23 with the bird at the top of the spine.
Fuhita endpapers at $2.95.  394-60023-1

These three were within reaching distance, and I suspect when I look I will
find many more.

John Wolansky

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